Our Process

At Trademark Funnel, we are constantly striving to help our clients get their business and intellectual property protected and to make things simpler for our clients, we follow an easy and quick process

01 Answering a few simple questions

The first step is to fill a very simple online questionnaire form with all your necessary personal and business details. This initiates the trademark filing process at our end.

02 We handle the paperwork for you!

Our team starts conducting thorough research on the database to make sure whether the requested name, logo, slogan, or phrase is available or not. A detailed report based on our research is sent to our clients for the review, and the legal documentation generating process begins at our end!

03 Filing Application

Our team starts working on a professionally drafted application to file the request. The application is filed for trademark registration with the USPTO and copyright registration with the U.S. Copyright Office.


Why Is It Important To Do Clearance Search Before Filing The Application?

The USPTO has a massive database for businesses that have already registered their trademarks with them. So, every time a new individual or company tries to get their idea, business, or brand registered, they screen it thoroughly through their database to make sure the requested business, brand, logo, product/service, company name, phrases, slogans, or symbols is not already registered with them. If no business is registered in the same class, you get the clearance from the USPTO database to move forward with your application. This research is done to save you from getting rejection by USPTO and paying the non-refundable filing fee again.

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+ USPTO filing fees

  • USPTO Database Search

    USPTO database is searched for live and pending applications

  • Application Filing with the USPTO

    We file your completed application for trademarks with USPTO

  • E-Delivery

    Documents electronically delivered directly to your email.

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+ USPTO filing fees

Includes everything from the Trademark Basic Package PLUS:
  • Cease and Desist Letter

    A client-oriented form that can be customized if someone tries to infringe on your mark.

  • Custom Assignment Template

    A customizable pre-filled template that helps you sell or convey your mark, if required.

  • 6 Month Monitoring

    Post-filing monitoring services to notify and protect your business from possible infringements

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Includes everything from the Trademark Standard Package PLUS:
  • 1 Year Monitoring

    Post-filing monitoring services to notify and protect your business from possible infringements

  • 24 Hour Processing

    We review, prepare and file your trademark application within 24 business hours after the order is placed.

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Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Read Why Our Clients Trust Us With Their Trademark And Copyright Registrations

I had a wonderful experience working with the team at Trademark Funnel. I was looking for a legitimate company to help me get my businesses copyrighted, and the company made things a thousand times easier for me. All I had to do was to tell them what I was looking for and give them the necessary information. Everything else was catered by their team, which saved me a lot of time and stress lol. Highly recommend their services for copyright services.


Francesca Wirt

I had a lifelong dream of starting my own business one day, and a couple of months ago, I made it! All thanks to Trademark Funnel for helping me get my company registered and trademarked. My father suggested that I should get my business trademarked and copyrighted so that the idea is safe and doesn't get copied. I heard him and trusted Trademark Funnel with the responsibility. To my surprise, they made it possible in a relatively short time, and everything was legally done. Kudos to them for actually helping people.


Ronald Struble

A big shout out and thanks to the team working at the trademark Funnel for helping me get both my business registered. I approached them on their website, and their representative got back to me in no time. We had a brief discussion, and he was more than happy to assist me through the services' legal standings. I gave it to them, and they executed the job perfectly! I'm glad I made the right decision and would come back for my future projects.


Bruce Tomlinson

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Trademark Funnel has helped clients get their business, company name, logos, phrases, or slogans registered for trademark and copyrights for years worldwide. Our skilled and licensed professional team knows the art of getting a trademark and copyrights registered in three simple steps. Our team is constantly striving to serve our customers with the best of our expertise at highly affordable prices!

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